actually don’t ever talk to nobody ever just keep your head down and hang on til you get home you gotta fuck with people the wifi way if they ain’t day ones and you ain’t know em from when you was comin up all approachin people will get you is suspicious looks and likely…

Don’t say shit to women.


See a cute woman? Let her be she may think you tryna jump her.

See a woman leave her purse? Leave that shit right there, mess around and get accused of theft.

Poor girl on fire? Turn up ya music and keep stepping, you put her out and she’ll sue you for defamation of character because you assumed she couldn’t save herself, you patriarchal pig.

Save our women, just don’t fucking say shit to them ever, in ever.

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asking for nudes over snapchat is a dumb idea nigga how you gon masturbate in 10 seconds or less smh

Is this a challenge

*Sonic X theme song starts playing*

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